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Parking Garage Carbon Monoxide Detector System Service & Sales
In Orange County, California

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Golden State Electrical provides services such as calibration, installation, repair and procurement of fixed or portable gas detection systems (portable environmental monitoring equipment).

Our typical clients are commercial property managers, production facility managers, industrial companies, and parking management companies in Orange County, California.

parking garage carbon monoxide detector system
Orange County Parking Garage Carbon Monoxide Repair and Installation

Orange County Parking Garage Carbon Monoxide Repair and Installation

Parking Garages and Carbon Monoxide Gas Detectors

Nowadays, parking garages have become a common sight due to the increase in population and vehicle usage. Parking garages, maintenance bays, and other areas that will have vehicles running in an enclosed space must be ventilated. These areas had been fitted with very large ventilation fans that would run 24 hours a day. 

For many years, we focus mainly on energy efficiency and the electricity that we need in order to run big fans is costly. The rise of energy usage in enclosed spaces has led to the development of an alternate strategy for ventilating these spaces. The purpose of this strategy is to measure carbon monoxide or other gases in the garage, and only operating the fan at full speed when it is actually necessary.

How do CO gas detector function?

Carbon monoxide gas detectors (CO detectors) should have two alarm levels with two separate relays for each alarm level. When the carbon monoxide level in the garage exceeds an alarm level of a gas detection system, ventilation devices start to evacuate the carbon monoxide and let fresh air come into the parking garage.


We service carbon monoxide gas detectors (CO detectors) by commissioning, repairing, calibrate, design, install and retrofit in Orange County, California.


We represent, service, source, and distribute 7 different brands.


A fixed gas detection system is a series of monitors and sensors that are connected to a controller. These monitors may send signals to the controller for different zones in your facility. This enables all of the readings to be in one central location. There are many configurations for fixed monitoring systems that can be set up to monitor gas levels in large spaces. These machines can also be programmed to run Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) so exhaust fans only turn on when needed to keep the air safe. Fixed gas detection systems are used in closed parking garages, manufacturing areas, battery charging areas and anywhere where health and safety are a concern.

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